• How much are classes at Move Dance Studio?
    • Classes start at $50 per month. This is the price for our 1 hour once a week classes including tumbling classes. Tuition is based on a per hour per week basis. Click here for all our hourly dance and tumbling tuition rates.
  • What do the dancers in a 1 hour per week combo class learn?
    • These classes are for beginning dancers and include a combination of Jazz and Ballet. Some of these classes will also learn a little bit of Hip Hop. We do a combination class so that the dancers are exposed to different styles of dance. This helps them so that they do not get bored doing the same thing all the time. Dancers will learn 2 dances a year and participate in our Winter and Spring Concerts.
  • What is the required attire for class?
    • Dancers need to wear any sort of dance clothes. Leotard, tights, shorts, or leggings are best. We sell ballet shoes, turn shoes, and tights at the studio and we like all our dancers to buy them from us to ensure that they are the correct color. Dancers need to make sure that their hair is always pulled up out of their face.
  • Which age class should my child be in?
    • We follow the school grades as guidance for classes. We suggest that you select the class for their current grade level. This will ensure they are in classes with students their same age. If dancers have a good amount of previous experience, and are not beginners, parents should contact us about class options.
  • What are the other costs associated with these combo classes?
    • Dancers will have to purchase 1 costume. These range from $60-$70. They wear these costumes for both concerts and are charged during the month of October.
    • Concert fees are $35 and will be charged for each concert. This fee allows your dancer to participate in the concert, free admission for your family members. We also will provide all participating students with a studio gift, or end of year party!
  • Where do you hold your concerts?
    • We hold them at a local high school somewhere in Utah County
  • Can my daughter be on one of your competition teams?
    • Auditions for competitions teams are held in May every year for the upcoming dance season. After that… if dancers still want to be on a competition team, they would need to set up a private audition with the owner or one of the team directors.
  • How do I register?
    • Registration is all done online. You can follow the steps below to complete your registration and get your student signed up.

1. Visit movedanceutah.com

2. Click on Register/Login

3. Create an account by entering in your parent info first.

4. Log into your account click on register for classes.

5. Enter in your student information

6. Click register for classes and the season you are interested in registering for.

7. All the classes that your student is eligible by age will show up listed below.

8. You should be able to select the class time that works best for your schedule.

9. Finish your registration by submitting payment for the registration fee and agreeing to the online waiver.